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Russian Brides

Looking for a Russian bride, earlier or later you will face the question of bringing her to USA. We will be happy to assist you and make your & her/his travel experience as pleasant as possible.

You must be a registered U.S. citizen to file for a Fiancée Visa. You must have met your fiancée PERSONALLY within the two years prior to filing the application. You must also be able to prove the ability to provide financial support for your fiancée financially in order for her/him to come to the U.S. You and your fiancée must be free and legal to marry. If either you or your fiancée have previously been married, you must be either divorced, widowed or the marriage officially annulled before applying for a fiancée visa.

To bring your fiancee to your country you will need some type of visa for her. In the United States, the only entry visa available for the purpose of marriage is a fiancee visa (K1 visa). The Fiancée Visa known as K-1 visa or I-129 visa is the only feasible way to bring your fiancée into the United States . Other means, such as obtaining a travel or visitors visa in their countries is nearly impossible. Having a B-1/B-2 visitor visa is also quite risky , where women have actually been arrested by Immigration and Naturalization officers once they have landed in U.S. Deportation and a restriction may be placed on his/her future Fiancée Visa applications for an extended period for up to 5 years.

You may have heard that 30-40% of the Fiancée Visa petitions filed are not initially approved. This is accurate. Most of the time the problem is a mistake in filling out the paperwork or lack of thereof. When this happens, you are sent a letter asking you to send the proper documentation or possibly to resubmit the entire application. The unfortunate part about this is that you must now wait again to see if your paperwork is correct and have been accepted. If not, the whole process begins again, taking months to correct. Your application can be denied if the documentation is incorrect

Once your application has been approved, your fiancée must go to the U.S. Embassy and talk with a consulate official who will ask her questions regarding the information on the application. The official will ask "trick questions" during this embassy interview (standard procedure). If she/he fails to answer the questions satisfactorily, the official may order an investigation that can possible take up to 1 year to conclude.

Once your fiancée arrives in the U.S. and passes through customs, you have 90 days from the time her passport is stamped to get legally married. If you do not marry for some reason, she will have to return to her native country. This does not mean that you cannot resubmit another request for a Fiancée Visa in the future.

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